Route A

Route A has been designed for clients who are commissioning a Content Experience and wish to have access to the Personal Information (including Content) captured.

Data Receiver & Sharing Agreement

A Data Receiver must be nominated. Before Just Pose can share any Personal Information (including Content) with them, a standard Data Sharing Agreement must be signed.


During each Session a Consent Screen will be displayed on the Touch Screen User Interface (UI). If users do not provide consent the Data Reciever will not receive any Personal Information (including Content) from that particular session.

If you wish to make Consent a requirement for taking part, consider Route B or Route C.

Privacy Policies

For compliance with Relevant Legislation and to ensure Users are properly informed; on certain screens within the Touch Screen User Interface (UI) both the Data Receiver's and Just Pose’s Privacy Policies are available. 

This means a copy of the Data Receiver's Privacy Policy will need to be provided in advance of any User Personal Information (including Content) being captured.