Introduction to Personal Information Processing Routes

As part of our response to our obligations to comply with Relevant Legislation, Just Pose has designed several Data Processing Routes. 

Clients must choose a Data Processing Route for their Content Experience, the chosen Route will determine a number of factors around how Personal Information (including Content) is processed, including whether it is shared with a Data Receiver

The routes aim to make compliance for both Just Pose and our clients easier by providing a best practice framework for us both to operate under.

Overview of the Routes

  • Clients who may wish to use the Personal Information (including Content) captured in a Content Experience they have commissioned can choose Route A or Route B, unless they have more complex requirements in which case they should choose Route C. With all three of these routes, Users must give Consent and a Data Sharing Agreement is required.
  • Clients not wishing to access any Personal Information (including content) should use Route D.

  • Clients who are private individuals (not organisations) and have no responsibilities under the Relevant Legislation can access Content only under Route E.